PCN 2 Centre North

Neighbourhoods of Grandview Woodlands, Downtown Eastside, and Northeast False Creek


Stretching from Commercial Drive to Chinatown, Centre North includes the neighborhoods of Grandview Woodlands and the Downtown East Side. Click here for a map of PCN 2.

FEATURED STORY: Doc-Side Medical – supporting the health of the most vulnerable in the DTES

Doc-Side Medical is a full-service family practice, that also provides Addictions Medicine and walk-in clinic services in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. The clinic offers a professional and comfortable environment whereby the healthcare team can provide the best quality care for their patients.

The clinic’s multi-disciplinary treatment program provides its patients with the opportunity to initiate decisions to motivate them to make lifestyle changes necessary to begin their road to recovery.  Professional staff, including drug & alcohol counselling and psychiatry, combine medication, education, and mental health support for the specific needs of each patient.

Physician clinic owner, Dr. Gary Horvath has been practicing in the downtown eastside for over 20 years. In 2009, he opened Doc Side Medical at Main and Powell St. In 2015, the clinic moved to its current address at 678 E.  Hastings St.

When asked what he finds meaningful about practicing in the downtown eastside, he said, “We want to continue to make a difference in our patients’ lives in multiple areas – improving their physical, emotional, and mental health and supporting their struggles with addiction. We are helping to serve the needs of the most vulnerable and to improve many different aspects of their healthcare.”

Dr. Horvath hopes to continue work within PCN 2 as a team in the community to meet patients’ needs as the neighbourhood evolves and changes.


Jasmine Paul holds her Master’s degree in the Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner (NP) stream from the Unversity of Toronto where she graduated in 2020. Her background includes acute surgical care and spinal cord injuries at Vancouver General Hospital. While her NP practice is focused on health promotion and health prevention, Jasmine draws from her nursing background to address her patient’s health needs and is passionate about complex and chronic conditions.

Jasmine enjoys serving the East Vancouver community and is always striving to understand the diverse and unique health needs of each individual. Being part of the PCN 2 Steering Committee is a great opportunity that provides collaboration with other health care providers who share the same goal of improving access to healthcare within their communities.

Outside of the clinic, Jasmine enjoys being active, reading, and of course finding the best coffee shops in the city.

FEATURED SERVICE: REACH Community Health Centre and Urgent and Primary Care Centre

Standing for Research, Education, and Action for Community Health, the REACH Centre was developed in 1960 by paediatrician Dr. Roger Tonkin as a site for University of BC medical residents to gain practical medical experience in the community. Since its beginnings, the clinic has grown to become a full health centre, with an increased focus on marginalized populations, reflecting the multicultural makeup of the community.

Today the clinic offers team based multi-disciplinary services including family doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, counsellors and social workers, cross cultural health promoters, an indigenous health promoter, recreation therapist, gender-based violence workers, etc. to provide quality care to individuals and families with complex health and social needs.

In February of 2020, an Urgent and Primary Care Centre (UPCC) was added to REACH Community Health Centre to provide access and care for people with non-life-threatening conditions who need to see a health-care provider within 12 – 24 hours but do not require an emergency department. The centre also attaches patients to health-care providers at REACH, as well as on an interim basis while patients are connected to other local practices.

Click here to find out more about REACH Community Health Centre and UPCC.


Primary Care Network resources include interdisciplinary providers that will support Team Based Care and access to quality, comprehensive primary care for patients. PCNs are built on a strong foundation of Patient Medical Homes (PMHs), clinics that operate at an ideal level to provide longitudinal person-centred care.

Access to PCN Resources is based on the program’s capacity as well as a clinic’s eligibility requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about PCN 2 Resources and eligibility, please contact your Community Network Manager.

PCN 2 Steering Committee

The purpose of the PCN Steering Committee is to ensure  that the local community has a voice in shaping primary health care in their community. The Committee supports the implementation of the approved Service Plan for their community. Check out our year 1 discussions here.


Physician Champions: Dr. Niloofer Baria, Dr. Mitra Motamedi, Dr. Marsha Santerre

Nurse Practitioner Champion: Jasmine Paul

VCH Operations Director: Steph Partridge

VDoFP Board Liaison: Dr. Nitasha Puri

Our PCN Steering Committees include a Patient Partner Advisory Group that supports the inclusion of patient voice in PCN Planning.

E-mail syamamoto@vancouverdivision.com to connect with your PCN 2 Steering Committee

Work in PCN 2 Centre North

Are you a primary care provider who is thinking of working in PCN 2? Visit our Practice in Vancouver page to find out what postings are available.