PCN 3 Northeast

Neighbourhoods of Hastings Sunrise, Renfrew Collingwood, and Cedar Cottage


Stretching from Hastings to 41st Ave., Northeast runs south along the Vancouver-Burnaby border. Click here for a map of PCN 3.

FEATURED STORY: Blue Water Medical – Putting the team in team based care

Blue Water Medical is a modern, state of the art clinic in PCN 3’s Renfrew-Collingwood neighborhood that provides longitudinal acute and chronic care to patients of all ages. Opened in 2017, Blue Water Medical is proud to be a interdisciplinary clinic with 4 physicians, 2 nurse practitioners, and a newly added VCH supported Registered Nurse. Additionally, Blue Water Medical is a teaching clinic for two major Universities in British Columbia. The clinic has medical residents from the University of British Columbia and Nurse Practitioner students from both the Universities of British Columbia and Victoria. Owner and Physician Lead, Dr. Taki Galanopoulos, chose to be a part of the medical tradition of mentorship as he realized early on that the patient-centered care provided at this clinic would help train the next generation of primary care providers in being healers and advocating for their patients.

In order for the providers to play to their strengths and focus on providing patient care and building relationships, they require a lot of support. As such the team at Blue Water Medical has been enthusiastic in it’s participation in the Primary Care Networks.

A foundation of PCNs, team-based care, supports better experiences for both patients and providers, in that it allows for a supportive environment with a shared model of care that offsets the pressure of feeling isolated especially when dealing with complex needs of the modern patient population.

In addition to supporting the team within his clinic, Dr. Galanopoulos is also acting as a Physician Lead on the development of a PCN team based care education series being developed by the Vancouver Divisions in collaboration with the University of British Columbia’s Continuing Professional Development Team. In discussing his ideas about team-based care, he says, “It just makes sense.  Its our professional duty to all participate in the workflow to better serve our patients. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that I can rely on experts in allied health that are just as invested in high quality care as I am.  I’m eager to learn from them and work with them daily to navigate the healthcare field.” 

FEATURED PROVIDER: Dr. Rossali Pilapil-Lee

Our featured provider from PCN 3 is Dr. Rossali Pilapil-Lee who has been practicing in the Cedar Cottage neighborhood for 11 years.

What made you choose the neighborhood you practice in?

It was just coincidence or fate, maybe? I was visiting my family practice residency preceptor one day. He works in the same building where I am currently practicing on Commercial Drive.  At the time, I was completing my residency in Parksville, and I was feeling kind of homesick. My preceptor said he knew of an older physician in the same building who was planning on retiring, and was having a hard time finding another family physician to take over his practice. Within the hour I found myself talking to the physician owner of the clinic and he invited me to locum for him. He told me this was an opportunity for me to get to know his patients and determine if the opportunity was a good fit for me. The rest is history….

What do you like about practicing in the neighborhood?    

The neighborhood I work in is quite central and very accessible to transportation as the skytrain and bus loop is a stone’s throw away. My patients are not necessarily from the local area alone as I have patients from as far Chilliwack and Vancouver Island. I have quite a mix of young and older patients from various cultural backgrounds. This variety makes my practice interesting, and I learn a lot from my interactions with everyone. My social life is non-existent but I live vicariously through my patients, so to speak.

What are your hopes for working together to support providers and patients in PCNs?

I hope to be a part a group that is able support one another, and to identify areas where we struggle and find realistic solutions and goal setting to make us provide better care to our patient population.

Dr. Pilapil-Lee is the proud mother of 2 children, aged 7 and 21.

FEATURED SERVICE: Northeast Urgent & Primary Care Centre

Opened in February 16, 2021, The Northeast Urgent & Primary Care Centre (UPCC) serves residents of Hastings Sunrise, Renfrew Collingwood, and Cedar Cottage. The Northeast UPCC provides care for unanticipated, non-life-threatening health issues that require same-day treatment including people with mental illness, harm reduction and frail Elders. If patients require more than one day of care the UPCC can facilitate a referral and connection to community services.

Staff include family physicians, nurse practitioners as well as an interdisciplinary team consisting of nurses, social workers, registered nurses, and dieticians. Together, they provide a holistic approach to medicine specially crafted for the individuals and families in the region.

The UPCC is not intended to replace family physicians, nurse practitioners or Community Health Centre primary care providers as a person’s first point of contact for health concerns, nor will it replace emergency departments for life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Rather, it is intended to be an additional service in the community, working in concert with all touch points for care to provide appropriate urgent services to patients, when and where they need it.

The UPCC is open for urgent care from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday and statutory holidays and located at 2788 E Hastings St #102.

Click here for more information including when you should visit a UPCC.


Primary Care Network resources include interdisciplinary providers that will support Team Based Care and access to quality, comprehensive primary care for patients. PCNs are built on a strong foundation of Patient Medical Homes (PMHs), clinics that operate at an ideal level to provide longitudinal person-centred care.

Access to PCN Resources is based on the program’s capacity as well as a clinic’s eligibility requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about PCN 3 Resources and eligibility, please contact your Community Network Manager.

PCN 3 Steering Committee

The purpose of the PCN Steering Committee is to ensure that the local community has a voice in shaping primary health care in their community. The Committee supports the implementation of the approved Service Plan for their community. Check out our year 1 discussions here.


Physician Champions: Dr. Taki Galanapoulos, Dr. Justine Spencer, Dr. Justin Neves

Nurse Practitioner Champion: Barbara Radons

VCH Operations Director: Jenny Hamilton-Harding

VDoFP Board Liaison: Dr. Katrin Lovett

Our PCN Steering Committees include a Patient Partner Advisory Group that supports the inclusion of patient voice in PCN Planning.

E-mail syamamoto@vancouverdivision.com to connect with your PCN 3 Steering Committee

Work in PCN 3 Northeast

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