PCN 5 Midtown

Neighbourhoods of South Cambie/Riley Park, Kensington, and Mount Pleasant


Midtown sits in the centre of Vancouver, stretching west from Nanaimo to Oak St. Click here for a map of PCN 5.

FEATURED STORY: CityMed – A New Primary Care Clinic!

CityMed opened its doors on January 21, 2022. The new  primary care clinic is located within PCN 5 at Main St. & 5th Ave. CityMed strives to serve the local community by providing accessible and comprehensive care to its patients in a friendly environment – going to see the doctor doesn’t have to be an onerous or scary experience. As a brand new clinic, CityMed hopes to become home to several longitudinal family physicians while also providing same-day access to care through “walk-in services”, both virtually and in person.

“Our vision is to become a true “medical home” for our patients that is local and accessible, where all patients feel welcome and at ease.  We are committed to growing and adapting to meet our community’s needs as part of the primary care network.”


Our featured PCN 5 provider is Family Physician (FP) Dr. Ryan Leo, who works at Yyoung Medical Clinic, in the Mount Pleasant Neighborhood. He is the most recent member of our PCN 5 Steering Committee, bringing a plethora of experience from his work with PCNs in Alberta.

Dr. Ryan Leo completed his undergraduate degree from McGill University and his Doctor of Medicine at UBC. He went on to complete his family medicine residency at the University of Calgary. Dr. Leo practiced as a family physician associate in Calgary for over 4 years in multi primary care roles, responsible for the care of a panel of 1500 patients in a low socioeconomic area, after hours care, and collaborated with a large group of physicians in an urban clinic. He is very happy to be back on the west coast, where he was born and raised.

Dr. Leo has an interest in mentoring medical students and medical residents. Outside of medicine, he enjoys keeping active and is an avid traveler. He enjoys learning about new cultures and learned to be capable in Spanish over multiple backpacking trips to Spanish speaking countries.

Question and Answer with Dr. Ryan Leo

Why did you want to give involved with the PCN Steering Committee?

To help develop the network and provide physician feedback with respect to gaps that I see in the healthcare system, and to help advocate for further resources for my patients.

What involvement did you previously have with PCNs, in Alberta?

I was a member of the Calgary Foothills PCN, and the Calgary West Central PCN. I also worked at a clinic called “Access 365” which provided after hours//semi-urgent care to patients within the PCN if they could not see their own physicians.

FEATURED CLINIC: Mid-Main Community Health Centre – Moving Locations Soon!

Mid-Main Community Health Centre is a non-profit society that provides primary care, dental, and early childhood parent education – among many other incredible services. The family medicine team is moving its practice to 2205 Main St in April 2022. This move will allow Mid-Main to expand its primary care and dental services with better infection control.

Our Mid Main team is very excited about our upcoming move! From improved proximity to major transit lines, to a fresh purpose-built clinic design, to our own in-house pharmacy, we feel that the new site has much to offer our patients. We are looking forward to collaborating with pharmacists in our new building to improve patient care and offer added convenience for our patients. Whether in person, by phone, or online, we are looking forward to seeing everyone from our new premises next year.” Dr. Vesna Kovacevic, Associate Physician at Mid-Main Community Health Centre


Primary Care Network resources include interdisciplinary providers that will support Team Based Care and access to quality, comprehensive primary care for patients. PCNs are built on a strong foundation of Patient Medical Homes (PMHs), clinics that operate at an ideal level to provide longitudinal person-centred care.

Access to PCN Resources is based on the program’s capacity as well as a clinic’s eligibility requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about PCN 5 Resources and eligibility, please contact your Community Network Manager.

PCN 5 Steering Committee

The purpose of the PCN Steering Committee is to ensure  that the local community has a voice in shaping primary health care in their community. The Committee supports the implementation of the approved Service Plan for their community. Check out our year 1 discussions here.


Physician Champions: Dr. Lise Loubert, Dr. Ryan Leo, Dr. Catherine Hui

Nurse Practitioner Champion: TBD

VCH Operations Director: Andy Day

VDoFP Board Liaison: Dr. Jane Gustafson

Our PCN Steering Committees include a Patient Partner Advisory Group that supports the inclusion of patient voice in PCN Planning.

E-mail ebussin@vancouverdivision.com to connect with your PCN 5 Steering Committee

Work in PCN 5 Midtown

Are you a primary care provider who is thinking of working in PCN 5? Visit our Practice in Vancouver page to find out what postings are available.