Long Term Care Locum Roster

If you have experience in Care of the Elderly or an interest in this work and would like to be placed on our Long Term Care Initiative (LTCI) Locum Roster, please contact us. Long Term Care (LTC) locum opportunities will be filled from this roster of physicians. Locum placements provide flexibility, allow you to diversify your work, and to get a feel for the LTC landscape in Vancouver.


Why long term care?

  • You will become part of a supportive physician community
  • Each care home works closely with an interdisciplinary care team to provide holistic resident-centered care
  • You qualify for the Long Term Care Initiative (LTCI) which includes the following:
    • Incentive payments in addition to fee-for-service billings
    • Paid mentorship opportunities
    • Depending on the duration of the locum work, participation in a self-scheduling, paid, after-hours care system (commitment of only one week of coverage per quarter; coverage is shared amongst the Vancouver LTCI practitioners)
    • Opportunities for paid participation in long term care-specific events
  • You can develop and grow your skills in providing care for the frail elderly and transfer these skills to your work in community and hospital settings
  • Allows for flexibility in your schedule – supplementing other family practice work with a LTC locum adds variety to your workday
  • Caring for the frail elderly is both challenging and incredibly rewarding


Why now?

  • There is a strong LTC community of practice and a variety of care homes throughout the city providing interesting locum opportunities
  • Once you are accepted onto the locum roster you can flexibly turn on/off your availability to take locum opportunities
  • With an ageing population, care of the frail elderly will become increasingly important in both community and long term care settings

Opportunity Information

Job Type


Practice Type

Family Practice


Fee-for-Service with additional incentive payments (see further information below)

Clinic Type

Long Term Care Home

Start Date


Job Specifics

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice LTCI enables physicians who work in long term care and commit to the LTCI Locum Roster Agreement to receive additional funding if they meet five identified best practice expectations in their care home work. The best-practices include regular proactive visits; on-site medication reviews; attendance at care conferences; involvement in 24/7 on call; and completed documentation in charts.

Remuneration: LTCI care home panels are remunerated through fee-for-service. All physicians who join the LTCI Locum Roster and take on a locum placement also qualify for the following incentive payments:

  • Yearly stipend payment of $220 per bed prorated for the length of the locum agreement
  • If participating in the after-hours care program, payments of $800 for weekday shifts (5pm to 8am Monday to Thursday) and $1,000 for weekend shifts (5pm Friday to 8am Monday)

Clinic Information

Clinic Name

Long Term Care Locum


City Centre

Clinic Address

777 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C. V5Z 4J7, Canada


Varied; many Vancouver long term care homes use PointClickCare

Other Providers

Practitioners working in LTCI care homes will work with an interdisciplinary care team: physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health, and the care home leadership team


There are locum opportunities within the Vancouver long term care community for practitioners to provide leave or termporary cover to existing LTC practitioners.

If you are interested in joining the LTCI Locum Roster, getting more information about the locum opportunities that are currently available, or would like to note your interest for future locum opportunities, please complete and return the LTCI Physician Statement of Interest – Locum form or click “Apply Now”. There are also permanent LTC physician vacancies in Vancouver – please adjust your search if you are interested in viewing these opportunities.

If you would like more information on working in long term care in general please feel free to contact Jaimie Ashton at Jashton@vancouverdivision.com or (604) 569-2010 ext.110.


Want support from our team finding opportunities?


Want support from our team finding opportunities?