Experienced Clinic Looking For FPs To Join!

Two physicians operating a family practice located at 943 W Broadway are looking for a physician to join them either as a long-term locum or new associate.

Opportunity Information

Job Type


Practice Type

Family Practice


70/30 billing split

Clinic Type

Family Practice

Start Date


Job Specifics

Both physicians are full service family doctors, with one also specializing in maternity care. The clinic has enough space for someone to pick up around three days per week. Additionally, the clinic is also open on Saturdays for those considering a weekend shift. Both FPs are thinking about slowing down their own practices as well, and would ideally like to transfer the care of some of their patients to the incoming physician – this will ensure a reasonable level of patient traffic more quickly than building a panel from scratch.

Clinic Information

Clinic Name

Clinic of Dr. James Lai


City Centre

Clinic Address

943 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Other Providers

Dup Clinic with Podiatrist


The office is nearly paperless and runs on Wolf EMR. There is a large prevalence of Mandarin and/or Cantonese speaking patients but multilingualism would not be a requirement. The office also welcomes residents for teaching practicums and has a podiatrist on site in a limited frequency.


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Want support from our team finding opportunities?