Interdisciplinary Community Health Center Looking for Locums

Heatley Community Health Center has an interdisciplinary team of professionals and caters primarily to complex populations.

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Family Practice



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Family Practice and Walk-In Hybrid

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Clinic Information

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Heatley Community Health Centre


Downtown Eastside

Clinic Address

30 Heatley Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Other Providers

Nurse Practitioners


Heatley CHC is a family practice made up of an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals that offer a variety of health and social services in the Downtown East Side, including primary care, mental health and addiction services, harm reduction, and specialized care. This group practice consists of 7 MDs and 2 NPs, with 5 working at a given time, clinical support clerks, RNs and LPNs, peer workers, social workers, and counselors. There are a total of 5 exam rooms and any interested care provider would have access to 1 office/exam room during their shift. The average number of patients per day is 10-12 with a mix of in person and virtual care visits. Each half day includes 30 minutes of paid administrative time. The clinic is easily accessible by transit and there is access to parking in nearby neighbourhoods. Hours are on a rotating weekly basis. Week 1: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm Week 2: Wednesday 12:30-8:00pm Thursday 8:30am-12:30pm and Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Each physician is required to complete 1-2 weeks of on call and 1-2 weekend shifts per year. This is a VCH CHC and credentialing is required. Remuneration is in the form of sessional pay.
EMR: IntraHealth (Profile)
Remuneration: Sessional (hourly)


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Want support from our team finding opportunities?