Modern Clinic on Fraser Looking for Immediate Short-term Locum!

This group practice has gone through an unfortunate health circumstance and they need a long or short-term locum help to look after a senior physician’s patient panel. This physician has been working for over 45 years with a 0.75FTE practice. Typically this physician would work 3 to 4 days per week both virtually and in-person visits. PPE will be provided to the locum one day a week for in-person visits.

You will have the assistance of a chronic disease nurse, patient medical scribe who will help you document and navigate electronic medical records and have access to CDM incentive fee codes at the same rate as the current standardized locum split.

This is close-knit group of family physicians, nurse practitioners, chronic disease coordinators, and a nurse working in our interdisciplinary clinic. They are hoping and looking for a short-term locum but eventually looking for a long-term replacement. Our practice is looking for a short-term health crisis locum but long-term and permanent opportunities are also available.  Punjabi or Hindi language skills an asset

Opportunity Information

Job Type


Practice Type

Family Practice



Clinic Type

Family Practice and Walk-In Hybrid

Start Date


Clinic Information

Clinic Name

Fraser Street Medical Clinic



Clinic Address

5990 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z6, Canada



Other Providers

Family Physicians & Nurse Practitioners


A modern, award-winning clinic on Fraser street is home to seven FPs who are at varying stages of their careers – from recent grads to more seasoned veterans; they work together to provide full-spectrum care for their patients. Additionally, the clinic is supported by an interdisciplinary team comprising of a chronic disease management team, MOAs, NPs, and Pharmacists. FSM strives to deliver an innovative, comprehensive, and effective clinic experience to a richly diverse ethnic population. They are closely connected to the Practice Support Program, committed partners to the Vancouver Division of family practice and supporters of the Patient Medical Home model. This clinic is not only optimized for patient experience but also for physician experience too. The chronic disease management coordinator assists with billing, and the long-time office manager is an invaluable physician resource. In addition, their EMR has been optimized for efficiency and enhanced provider experience. FSM serves a wide range of patient populations and is looking for physicians who wish to establish a permanent practice with their team.


Want support from our team finding opportunities?


Want support from our team finding opportunities?