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This page has been designed to help curate some resources that may be helpful as you explore practicing in Vancouver. Please feel free to reach out to our team at any time if you have any questions, we are happy to help you navigate the exploration of different family practice opportunities.


Since our beginning in 2010, the Vancouver Division has grown to become a leader and facilitator of primary care, working to create an engaged physician community and a collaborative healthcare system in Vancouver. We are a not-for-profit society funded by the Government of BC and Doctors of BC, and work in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and other community organizations.

We are one of 35 divisions across the province of BC. As the largest provincial division, we have membership of more than 1,100 family doctors representing 92% of the practicing family doctors in Vancouver and 20% of physicians in the province.

Our Division is actively recruiting new physicians who are interested in practicing in the city of Vancouver proper. We have an entire team to support your transition to practice, or move to Vancouver, and are happy to help you find the right opportunity for you. Please browse our job postings, review our resources, and reach out to our team and introduce yourself.

  • Family medicine residents
  • Family doctors with training from Canada, USA, Australia, Ireland, and the UK
  • Fully and provisionally licensed family doctors
  • Clinics within the city of Vancouver
  • Retired family doctors looking for locum work
  • Nurse practitioners looking for work in Vancouver
  • Support in finding locum opportunities in family practice clinics 
  • Provide business resources and tools for opening your own clinic
  • Facilitate the attachment of patients to accepting primary care providers
  • Connect FPs to other jobs in healthcare (i.e., hospitalist work, mental health, community care, maternity, residential care, etc.)
  • Support physicians in taking over a retiring physician’s patient panel and/or full practice
  • Support nurse practitioners to find opportunities in family practices in Vancouver
  • Assist with clinic tours in finding the right permanent practice that fits your life 
  • Contact us to speak to our recruitment team to see how we can best support you

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all in-person events have been postponed for the near future. Please check back regularly to find information on upcoming events.

Some past events include

  • Resident and new-to-practice career fair
  • Resident tax clinic
  • Financial literacy seminars

Updated April 23, 2020


Vancouver is extremely diverse and varied in terms of different communities and neighbourhoods. The city is divided into six community health areas to better facilitate browsing through different opportunities.

Click here for a map and breakdown of Vancouver’s communities. Browse available job opportunities by community here.

For profiles on each of the six communities, please browse find more information here.

Family Practice Clinics 

To browse the family practice opportunities in the community please click here. The Vancouver Division is a great resource for finding practices that suit your interests. The city of Vancouver proper has over 350 family practice and walk-in clinics. They range in size from solo clinics to groups of 30+ primary care providers, and some have certain specializations. Contact our team today to find out more. 

Community Health Centres (CHCs) 

Most Community Health Centres in Vancouver are ran by the health authority. Contact your local Health Authority for available job postings.

Some health CHCs aren’t ran by the health authority. Reach out to our team if you have questions about any specific facility in general and we can direct you accordingly.

Long Term Care 

Are you interested in the challenging, diverse and impactful work of providing care for the frail elderly? Do you want to be a part of a physician community as well as an interdisciplinary team dedicated to best practice care? If so, we can support you with care home matching and a paid mentorship resulting in a permanent Long Term Care panel. You will also be eligible for Long Term Care Initiative funds to augment your fee for service billing. To express interest please fill out LTCI Physician Statement of Interest or Contact Jaimie Ashton at

Hospitalist work, Emergency Work

To explore hospitalist or emergency opportunities, you can contact hospitals directly or browse postings on Health Match BC.

Academic Interests 

For interest in teaching, you can contact the schools directly.

Special Interests

Do you have some special interests? Reach out to our recruitment team to share what you’re looking for. We can match you to opportunities in the community that will fit your special interests.

Practice in BC

The Practice in BC interactive guide outlines the key steps to be eligible to practice as a Family Physician (FP) in British Columbia, Canada. If you are an undergraduate student, medical student, a Canadian medical graduate, an international medical graduate, or a Canadian studying abroad Practice in BC is your guide.

Health Match BC

Health Match BC is an organization that works directly with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC). As each province in Canada has different rules if you plan on practicing as a Family Physician, please visit the Health Match BC website and create an account. Their physician services team will be able to assist you with licensing and registration procedures in BC. When creating your user account, be sure to upload your CV to your profile, and someone from Health Match BC will contact you thereafter.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) is the licensing and registration body for physicians in British Columbia. To be eligible to work in BC as a family physician, you must be licensed with the CPSBC. For information on standards, guidelines, and more visit their website.

Provisional License

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice works with family physicians both within and outside Canada. If you are a family physician who completed their residency training in the UK, USA, Ireland, or Australia and would like to work in BC, let us know and we can provide guidance on how to do that.

If you’re new to Vancouver, you might be curious about the typical remuneration options for family practice. Some common remuneration models are explained here and are further reviewed below.

Fee For Service 

Fee For Service (FFS) is a payment model that is utilized by the majority of walk-in and family practice clinics in Vancouver BC. In the FFS model, the family physician is independent contractor who bills our public insurance plan (the Medical Services Plan or MSP) for each service provided (each has a separate billing code and a rate negotiated between the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC). Under this model, physicians pay out a predetermined portion of their billings (eg. 30%) to the clinic that helps cover costs such as staff, lease, and supplies.


Some of the main salaried positions include hospitalist or emergency positions administered by health authorities. 

Primary Care Network (PCN) FP Service Contracts  

The Ministry of Health has announced a new initiative to help recruit family physicians in BC. They have created salaried service contracts for family physicians interested in starting patient panels who don’t already have a permanent practice. The contracts are designed to help physicians starting a permanent practice to have a fixed and guaranteed income during the process of starting up their practice. Vancouver has been allocated some positions for full service family practice and we are currently identifying interested clinics and eligible candidates. 

Sessional Payments

The sessional model is mostly utilized by Community Health Centres (CHCs) and it utilizes an hourly or session rate of payment . A session is defined as 3.5 hours of service. Rates are defined by an agreement between the Ministry of Health and Doctors of BC. This type of payment model is generally used for more complex patient populations or those appointments needing more time than a fee-for-service model could reasonably accommodate.

“I found your support services very helpful and personalized, and I would recommend any new grad be in touch with your team. Thank you for your time and help over the last year!”

– R2 transitioning to practice

“Your support is appreciated, and, especially, I have found that knowing that there is someone available to be ‘in your corner’ when things get crazy is itself a big relief.”

– New to practice physician

“I really appreciate the support.”

– New to practice physician

“You have been great in terms of being able to reach you and your assistance with finding opportunities.”

– Physician moving to Vancouver

“Thanks for all your help!”

– Locum looking for opportunities

“I appreciate your efficiency.”

– Locum looking for opportunities

Thanks for all of your help sorting things out as I get to Vancouver. It has made it much, much easier to set up a job!”

– Physician moving to Vancouver

“So far my experience with the VDoFP has been wonderful, so thank you for the matching you have done thus far.”

– Locum looking for opportunities


The Vancouver Division has two patient matching programs: the Retiring Physicians Program and the Patient Attachment Initiative Program. Both of these programs assist physicians and nurse practitioners in building their patient panel based on their needs and preferences though they vary in workflow and mechanisms. Physicians or nurse practitioners interested in accepting patients from these programs will typically have a chat with our program coordinators to determine which program(s) are a good fit for their specific needs and interests. Providers can dictate the amount and pace of new patients to their practice so they can build their practice in a manageable way.

Contact a member of our team if you are interested in exploring either or both of these programs further.

If you are or become a member of the Vancouver Division, you will have access to a team and a variety of tools to help start or optimize your practice.

Patient Panel Calculator

Designed to help physicians/ NPs determine their patient panel capacity.
This tool helps to breakdown and analyze a provider’s panel capacity based on a variety of factors such as: patient age, patient complexities, physician’s practice preferences, number of days working, etc. This tool is ideal for new to practice physicians or those who are wishing to expand their panel but are unsure as to what capacity. Please reach out to our team to have someone walk through the tool with you.

Starting Your Clinic

Developed to help members with forecasting revenues for new clinics or analyze finances of existing clinics.
This tool require clinic specific modifications. In our experience the tool helps physicians organize their thought around clinic finances and help them identify metrics for financial health of their clinic. Due to the one on one time required, the tool has not been widely shared. ~ 10 clinics (consisting of ~50 FPs) have walked through an adaptation of this tool. If you are a member and are in the planning stages of your clinic please reach out to our team for support.

Schedule Optimizer

Designed to enable clinic owners and interested physicians maximize the utilization of their patient rooms.
The aim is to allow physicians to not only visualize the clinic schedule for an average month, but to also provide metrics such as utilized room hours, maximum stretch of empty room each day, and potential for additional providers. This is a newer tool for us and have only been used by a handful of clinics. The experience has been very positive.

Helpful Checklists

Last Year Residency Practice Countdown
List of Questions for Clinic Interview
Practice Takeover Checklist

GPSC Billing Resources

The General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) is offering billing education webinars about GPSC incentive fees and select MSP fees for all family physicians. Webinars take place throughout the year and range touch on a variety of fee codes.

BC Family Doctors

BC Family Doctors (formerly Society of General Practitioners) has resources for MSP billing in BC, including it’s Simplified Fee Guide for family physicians. They also have a very helpful Transition to Practice Guide as guide for residents and new to practice physicians.

Physician Health Program

The Physician Health Program is an independent service funded by Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health. Their services support all BC physicians, medical students, and residents, as well as their partners and dependent children. They have qualified medical professionals that are available to help with mental health issues, career and life transitions, relationship stress, financial issues, professional support, workplace conflict, and addictions.

Doctors of BC

Doctors of BC is a professional organization that represents 14,000 physicians, medical residents and medical students in the province of British Columbia. As a member, you will gain access to resources such as help with billing and audits, a raft of negotiated financial benefits, comprehensive insurance programs, Club MD affinity program, exclusive phone deals with Telus, subscriptions to journals, and more.

Resident Doctors of BC

Resident Doctors of BC is a non-profit association that represents 1300 resident doctors working all over BC. They support residents with various topics, such as medical and dental benefits, information on call stipends, parenting guide supports, networking events, and more.

Financial Literacy Counsel Inc

The Financial Literacy Counsel is an organization that specializes in financial literacy for physicians. As a resident, you receive a free session through the VCH employee benefits program, and a further free session for being a member with the Vancouver Division of Family Practice. Some of the ways they can support include teaching proper budgeting, debt elimination, insurance and investment planning, as well as helping with tax & legal solutions and family governance.


UBC Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) is a hub of CME accredited courses that family physicians, nurse practitioners, and other health care providers can access.

TIPs Ontario Guides

Health Force Ontario has created a transition into practice toolkit (TiPS) that contains various modules on topics relevant to family physicians in practice. Although specific to Ontario, many of the modules are relevant to all family physicians.