What is a PMH?

The PMH model describes how a medical practice can be optimally designed to meet the needs of the patients, the providers and the community. The ultimate achievement of this goal will provide access to quality primary care. How the attributes are achieved is likely to vary in interpretation throughout the province reflecting the diversity of communities and practices.

The good news is that the vast majority of practices in BC are PMHs of some form. We believe that by supporting practices and providers to explore and develop the PMH attributes we will improve access to quality primary care, and by extension, enhance patient and provider experience of the system.

The attributes of PMHs fall into three broad areas:

  • Service Attributes (practice/clinician level)
  • Relational Enablers of Care (networks of practices and team-based care)
  • Structural Enablers of Care

More information on the attributes, including definitions and a diagram of the three areas can be found here.