EASI Maternity Care Project

Who is Involved

The EASI Maternity Care Project has involved a collection of maternity providers, allied health and patients passionate about making the maternity journey in Vancouver as effective and seamlessly integrated as possible.

What We Are Working On

By surveying maternity patients and providers in Vancouver, there was a clear need for easy access to quality and evidence-based information (such as tip sheets, videos, webpages, etc.) that helps patients navigate their journey while not being overwhelming.

Read About the Journey So Far

A diverse set of voices & perspectives from patients and providers have helped to identify the best resources to share. Click here (or the thumbnail on the right) to walk the project activities so far. We invite you to join us on the journey!

We Need Your Help

We received an overwhelming 884 recommendations of great maternity resources. Our project teams narrowed the list down to 597 and we’ve just received a lot of feedback from providers and patients on what they felt could make it onto the final online resource hub. Now we need your help to shape the new online hub itself. We’re taking a creative approach to get gather your feedback – capturing your feedback via Zoom recording! This short video from our project’s web developers explains the challenge:


Here’s the steps to complete the challenge:

  1. Open up your app or log into Zoom (desktop please!)
  2. Start a meeting, ensure your audio is on, press record and share your screen (instructions on video)
  3. Click on the link to open the proposed wireframe for our new website
  4. As instructed in the video, spent time on the wireframe and narrate your experience and feedback in real time. Don’t forget to state your name!
  5. Once you’re done, upload your recording free and fast via www.wetransfer.com. Use megan@roseagency.ca as the “Email to:” and also provide your name and email address as you upload your video.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EASI acronym stands for “effective and seamlessly integrated” and everyone involved in the EASI
Maternity Care Project wants to make maternity care EASI – for patients and clinicians. We are a
Vancouver-focused, multi-phase project focused on responding to gaps in patient preparedness along
the various stages of their maternity care journey. In our current work, maternity providers from family
physicians, obstetricians and midwives, along with all the key allied health involved in maternity care as
well as patients are working to create a Vancouver-based online maternity information hub for patients,
bringing together a curated list of all the best patient resources you can rely on.
The initiative is funded by the Shared Care Committee, a joint collaborative committee of Doctors of BC
and the Ministry of Health.

Right now, we are seeking feedback on an initial wireframe for the new online hub. Please see “We Need Your Help” for the steps to provide feedback, along with a short video.

Once onto Zoom, we hope you will spend between 5-10 minutes navigating the dynamic wireframe and narrate your feedback in real time via a recording.

  • Just a handful of reasons why we think you’ll want to be involved:
    You want to make the maternity care journey easier and more supported for patients in
  • You will use and find value in the online information hub (as a maternity provider, as someone
    considering or in a maternity journey, or you have a loved one that would value this resource)
    and want a sneak peek at what will be in it; and
  • This is important work and your time will be recognized. (Note: We ask for your name and contact email when you upload a feedback video, so we can follow-up with a token of appreciation.)

Please contact Bella Hauner at bhauner@vancouverdivision.com if you have any questions.