Featured Clinic PCN 4: Welcome MD4ME!

MD4ME is a new primary care clinic in the Kitsilano neighborhood of PCN 4 which opened in January of 2024.

What do you like about your community? 

At MD4ME we appreciate the vibrant sense of community, the stunning views of the ocean and mountains, the diverse range of local businesses, and the plethora of outdoor recreational activities available, from beaches to parts to bike paths.

Tell us more about how  you support your senior patients…

At MD4ME  supporting our senior patients involves various aspects of care such as:

It also involves understanding the unique challenges seniors may face, such as mobility issues, cognitive decline, social isolation, and polypharmacy, and providing appropriate support and resources to address these challenges. Additionally, staying updated on geriatric medicine guidelines and collaborating with other healthcare professionals and community resources can enhance the quality of care for seniors. 

Is there anything else you want people to know about your clinic?  

MD4ME in Vancouver warmly welcomes our patients to a compassionate Medical Practice, where dedicated healthcare professionals strive to make their well-being their priority. With a focus on personalized care and a commitment to fostering lasting doctor-patient relationships, MD4ME creates a supportive medical home for its patients and their families. Our team genuinely cares about our patients’ health journeys, striving to create an inviting and patient-centered practice. 

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