PCN 1 Featured Service: CHANGEpain Clinic

CHANGEpain Clinic is an accredited, evidence-based, and interdisciplinary pain centre specializing in personalized whole person pain and rehab care. Their strategies for managing pain include:

CHANGEpain offers numerous services covered by MSP: 

Patients can be enrolled in a 12-month program where they have access to all MSP-covered services listed or referred for specific procedures as requested.

CHANGEpain’s wait times for an initial MSP-covered consultation is less than 2 months. Patients can be seen sooner for urgent assistance if they are medically stable cancer patients requiring urgent procedures, have less than 3 months onset radicular pain, or have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

They also offer services which may be covered by third-party insurance such as physiotherapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, prolotherapy, ketamine infusions, lidocaine infusions and Botox. For more information, visit their website at changepain.ca.

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