PCN 1 City Centre

Neighbourhoods of the Downtown core, West End, and Fairview


Stretching from the Fairview health district to downtown Vancouver, City Centre is Vancouver’s largest Primary Care Network. Click here for a map of PCN 1.

FEATURED STORY: New Interdisciplinary Primary Care Clinic Downtown

Genetica Medical & Wellness Centre is a new interdisciplinary Patient Medical Home in PCN 1, located in Downtown Vancouver. Previously known as the Burrard Family Practice Centre, Dr. Marko Yurkovich and his team of physicians & practitioners have expanded at their new location and aim to take a holistic view on health. Genetica Medical has a team of practitioners from various disciplines: registered nurses, primary care physicians, obesity & weight management physicians, clinical counsellors, dieticians, skin health specialists, nurse practitioners, midwife, and an allergist.

“We value taking a preventative approach to patients’ health & wellness opposed to the old standard “band-aid” approach. Creating a “medical home” where our patients receive a team based approach to their healthcare is what we strive for.”


Our featured team PCN 1 provider is Nurse Practitioner (NP) Alyssa Laserson, who works at Well Health City View in the Fairview neighborhood. Alyssa graduated from the Master of Nursing – NP Program at the UBC School of Nursing in 2020. NPs are trained to diagnose, prescribe, and manage health problems in patients of all ages. NP practice blends evidence-based clinical knowledge with nursing values of holism, health promotion and working in partnership with patients.

Alyssa has a strong background in family and pediatric critical care. She has been taking care of some of the province’s sickest children at BC Children’s Emergency department for the past ten years. After graduation she was excited to join a family practice in Vancouver as an NP and is focusing on providing exceptional care for families with an emphasis on women’s health and newborn wellness.

Alyssa is also the NP Representative on the PCN 1 Steering Committee and has really enjoyed learning more about how multi-faceted the PCN community is. Being able to advocate and support other nurse practitioners in her community is something Alyssa believes to be vitally important.

In her spare time Alyssa enjoys running outdoors and travelling as much as possible. She and her husband are expecting their first baby in the spring and couldn’t be more excited!

FEATURED SERVICE: St. Paul’s Maternity Clinic

The St. Paul’s Maternity Clinic is a family-medicine run clinic for prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care. They provide whole-person and family-centered care focusing on the following:

  • Evidence based care
  • Support for physiologic (vaginal) birth and/or birth meeting patient’s wishes
  • Empowering our patients to make informed choices around birth and transition to parenthood
  • Psychological wellbeing during transition to parenthood
  • Addressing social determinants of health
  • Managing additional health concerns during pregnancy, e.g. substance use, chronic disease

They are now taking referrals and can see all referred patients within 1-2 weeks of referrals! Click here to read more and visit their website at: www.stpaulsmaternity.ca/


Primary Care Network resources include interdisciplinary providers that will support Team Based Care and access to quality, comprehensive primary care for patients. PCNs are built on a strong foundation of Patient Medical Homes (PMHs), family practices that operate at an ideal level to provide longitudinal person-centred care.

Access to PCN Resources is limited and based on the program’s capacity as well as a clinic’s eligibility requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about PCN 1 resources and eligibility, please contact your Community Network Manager.

PCN 1 Steering Committee

The purpose of the PCN Steering Committee is to ensure  that the local community has a voice in shaping primary health care in their community. The Committee supports the implementation of the approved Service Plan for their community. Check out our year 1 discussions here.


Physician Champions: Dr. Eric Cadesky, Dr. Eriko Aota, Dr. Marko Yurkovich, Dr. Stephanie Chu

Nurse Practitioner Champion: Alyssa Laserson

VCH Operations Director: Kirsten Farquharson

VDoFP Board Liaison: Dr. Ramesh Kamath

Our PCN Steering Committees include a Patient Partner Advisory Group that supports the inclusion of patient voice in PCN Planning.

E-mail tamaratunga@vancouverdivision.com to connect with your PCN 1 Steering Committee

Work in PCN 1 City Centre

Are you a primary care provider who is thinking of working in PCN 1? Visit our Practice in Vancouver page to find out what postings are available.