PCN 4 Westside

Neighbourhoods of Shaughenessy-Kerrisdale, West Point Grey, Kitsilano, and UBC


Westside covers Vancouver’s largest geographical area, stretching from Oak street all the way to the University of British Columbia. Click here for a map of PCN 4.

FEATURE STORY: Welcome to PCN 4 Kariba Health!

Kariba Health is a new family practice clinic in Kitsilano. A group of 4 physicians, 3 MOAs, and 2 part time RNs serve a wide range of patients from newborns to the very elderly.  Owner and Medical Director Dr. Claire Rawson has a diploma in dermatology, and continues to have an interest in Pediatrics, building on her past experience working at BC Children’s Hospital. Other physicians in the practice have an interest in women’s health. The providers work together as a team and collaborate to offer the best quality longitudinal care to their patients.

Dr. Rawson enjoys practicing in the Kitsilano neighborhood because it is quiet. Being on street level makes the clinic easily accessible and they have lots of friendly neighbors! There is definitely a sense of being part of the local community.

Kariba Health opened during COVID-19 and this allowed them to tailor the office to the current times. They have specific booths for virtual care, have fully integrated electronic faxing, online booking, and VOIP systems allowing some work from home. They have also had many local artists and artisans involved in the design and decor of the space which makes it feel more part of the community and hopefully, more personal and unique.


Primary Care Network resources include interdisciplinary providers that will support Team Based Care and access to quality, comprehensive primary care for patients. PCNs are built on a strong foundation of Patient Medical Homes (PMHs), clinics that operate at an ideal level to provide longitudinal person-centred care.

Access to PCN Resources is based on the program’s capacity as well as a clinic’s eligibility requirements. If you are interested in finding out more about PCN 4 Resources and eligibility, please contact your Community Network Manager.

PCN 4 Steering Committee

The purpose of the PCN Steering Committee is to ensure  that the local community has a voice in shaping primary health care in their community. The Committee supports the implementation of the approved Service Plan for their community. Check out our year 1 discussions here.


Physician Champions: Dr. Colleen Kirkham, Dr. Christie Newton, Dr. Winnie Su

Nurse Practitioner Champion: Rebecca Countess

VCH Operations Director: Carolyn Summerfield

VDoFP Board Liaison: Dr. Eamonn Rogers

Our PCN Steering Committees include a Patient Partner Advisory Group that supports the inclusion of patient voice in PCN Planning.

E-mail kbiran@vancouverdivision.com to connect with your PCN 4 Steering Committee

Work in PCN 4 Westside

Are you a primary care provider who is thinking of working in PCN 4? Visit our Practice in Vancouver page to find out what postings are available.